Community Tournament June 2024 #2

Mindbug tournament


Registration Opened
June 16, 2024, 3 p.m. (your local time)
2 days, 16 hours from now
Digital App (Closed Beta)
Organized by battotoro .
This tournament is organized using Discord, please join: Discord.
33 registrants over 128.

Registrations are opened.


Important infos

Anyone can participate, you just need to be available at the indicated time for around 2h30 for the Swiss Round. Time: 15:00 UTC In order to not make the tournament too long, the playoffs may be played at a different time later after this tournament (depending on players availability).

You have to be connected and present on discord using the above link, app access instructions will be given on discord.


TOP 2 (<64) or 4 (>64) will qualify for their respective Mindbug Nationals (number may vary depending on number of participant, will be announced at the beginning of tournament).

At the end of Season 2, the 5 best players of the season from each country (that are not already qualified from tournaments), will qualify to their Mindbug Nationals that will take place in July. The Season ranking is done using points you gain when participating to any tournament of the Master Series 2 (every match won gives 1 point).

Top 3 of Mindbug Nationals will make you part of the Official Team of your Nation during the Mindbug Cup of Nations taking place in August (top 4 et top 5 will be backup players).


For entering the tournament, you'll need to provide your Discord ID in your profile : click on your account in the top right corner, then click on profile, then "edit" and add your discord ID. If you did not provide it, your opponent will not be able to contact you and you will be forfeited. You also need to join the official Discord server following this link, you'll receive information about how to access the app for the tournament in a dedicated channel:

How to play

Matches will be played on the official Mindbug app prototype which is currently in pre-alpha version for Android, iOS, Windows (Steam) and Linux (Steam). If needed, participants will be granted a temporary access to it.

Once the pairing is available on the website, refresh this page and you'll find the detail of your match on the top part of the page and just above it will be displayed a "game code". Copy this code, open the app and go to the settings (top right corner gear icon), copy paste the code in the "game code" section of the menu, then click on "Join Game". Now wait for your opponent to do the same until the game starts. After winning or losing your first match, repeat previous step until one of you two get 2 wins. Then go back on the tournament website and report the score in your match detail section.


The tournament will take place in a Swiss round format of 3 rounds, followed by a direct elimination bracket to select the 2 winners. All matches will be played in a best-of-3-games format. Round will last 45 mins to 1h, if you did not manage to complete your match under 45 minutes, you'll be contacted by a referee that will take the final decision regarding the result of your ongoing match.

The ranking of the qualifier will be made following these tiebreaker in order : 1) Number of points of the player (1 point for a win, 0.5 point for a draw, 0 point for a loss) 2) Average percentage of win of all the player's opponents 3) Games win percentage of the player 4) Games win percentage of all the player's opponents 5) In the unlikely case of a perfect tie, a ranking of tied players will be chosen at random.


Games must be played using Beyond Evolution set. To do so, simply use the game code given when your match is announced in the settings menu of the online application, then select the "Beyond Evolution" set in the list, and unselect any other set available to you.

Match support

1) We had a bug on the app which had an impact on the result of our match

Please ping "@Online Referee" on Discord as soon as you had this kind of bug, please provide screenshots too. You can then decide with your opponent if you want to replay the match or ignore the bug. In case of disagreement, please contact "@BatTotoro" on Discord.

2) We need more time to finish our match

A referee will contact you if you did not register your score in time. Referee will have the full power of taking the decision on how to process.

3) I have not been able to contact my opponent

Please keep record of all communication as the match will be considered a draw unless you can prove your opponent was suitably unavailable. Then contact the referee channel as soon as you feel your opponent is not online. If your opponent do not show up before the first 10min after the round has been generated but show up later, you start the match with 1 point. If your opponent did not show up 20min after the start of the round, you take the win.

4) My opponent and I have a disagreement about who won after the match has already finished.

It is hoped that players will be honest about match wins and losses however, it is difficult for tournament organizers to intervene without evidence or proof. Players may wish to take screenshots to track game wins/losses or use other tracking tools to prevent disagreement. There is no way to rollback a game, so any misclick will be counted as a normal play.