Mindbug tournament official rules

Below are the rules for the ongoing Mindbug Tournament Season.


  • The tournament is open to anyone who wishes to participate.
  • Each table will consist of 2 players.

Deck Composition

  • Decks will be provided by the tournament organizer.
  • Alternatively, players may choose to use a deck from either player at the table, provided that the deck is legal and conforms to the tournament rules.
  • The organizer decides and announce before the start of the tournament the sets used in the tournament. Choice has to be done using one of the following sets:
    • the First Contact base set (48 cards total)
    • or First Contact base set + First Contact addon pack (New Servants) (72 cards total).

Tournament Format

  • The tournament are played using the Swiss Round system.
  • Three rounds are recommended, but the tournament organizer may adjust the number of rounds based on the available timeslot.
    • A round will last approximately 1 hour.
  • The player(s) with the higher number of wins at the end of the tournament will be the winner.

Match Format

  • Each match will be played using the Best-of-Three (BO3) format.
    • The first player to win two games wins the match.
  • Each match have a 1 hour time limit. If a match reaches the time limit, the player with the highest number of life points win the ongoing game, else it is a draw. Game points are reported without waiting for second or third game to be played.
  • Match result (1 point per win) can be reported by any of the 2 players.
    • Else, organizer can also report the result of any table
    • Organizer is reponsible to verify the result of all tables of a round before starting the next one.

Game Format

  • Shuffle all cards from tournament selected sets.
    • Distribute 10 to both players
    • Discovery Variant (optional rule):
      • Organizer can decide that each game of a match should be done using only cards not used in previous game of the ongoing match.
      • If there is less than 20 cards remaining, shuffle all available cards together again.
  • Players must follow the rules outlined in the Mindbug rulebook.
  • If a dispute arises during a match, the organizer/referee of the event will make the final decision.
  • Players must conduct themselves in a professional and sportsmanlike manner throughout the tournament.
    • Referee can take decision to exclude a player if not.


  • The tournament organizer will determine the prize for the winner and the runner-up.
  • The prize should be announced before the start of the tournament.